1. Birms u ready for the tun up?

  2. I packed a lot of life into these songs, the more you listen the more you’ll see. http://po.st/dvgRtV

  3. Thanks to everyone who has bought my EP so far http://po.st/dvgRtV let it marinate. The longer you listen, the more you’ll see

  4. Have u lot got any favourites yet? My EP’s here http://po.st/dvgRtV

  5. The thing about being black in this country…even if you make a bit of pocket money, you’re still an immigrant without an influential community of olders. I made this EP cos I want future youngers to have better olders. The Chicken and the Egg is available for purchase tomorrow. It will make more and more sense to you over time so for now, buy it, re-post it, and don’t complain about the problem if u ain’t supporting the solution. http://po.st/MgNx3p Luv ya

  6. RIP to our sister Nabila. Every single day…Some people are just angels. Thank u for everything sis, for showing us love, teaching us the value of life at such a young age and giving me something to look forward to ❤️

  7. In school I had a rough idea who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, but no one had done it before. I met @rashidkasirye and he let me record songs in his studio, then after a couple years he came up with this thing called Link Up TV. Couple years after that I met @SuliBreaks and he told me to start uploading YouTube videos of my stuff. Today all three of us are making a living from our passions and it’s all down to technology. We would have found a way regardless but this ain’t too bad for some ends kids. Check out this new poem and get your ideas flowing because #AllExistenceIsContribution

  8. With Prince Andrew at the palace earlier. Proud to be an Ambassador for the iDEA Award #iAmIn

  9. Last night was mad trill..thank you to everyone who came out and supported, it was a special one for me. Did you guys have a good time?

  10. The Chicken and Egg EP is now available for preorder here http://po.st/bFqzUf link in my bio. I wanna see numbers in action