1. Tune into my session with Huw on Radio 1 right now! #NewStuff #ChickenAndEgg

  2. So grateful to Maryanne Hobbs for playing #IfTheShoeFits on BBC’s ‘6 Music Recommends’ last night. I never imagined this song getting mainstream radio play but real recognise real πŸ™Œ the follow up track is in my insta bio - listen now! #ChickenAndEgg

  3. 7pm tonight
    Ur gonna look at me funny after this one. Hashtag #Accidents and tell a friend
    Link will be in my bio

  4. New release 7pm



    Not suitable for children

  5. Tickets on sale this Friday 9am at www.gigsandtours.com

  6. This Saturday I’m performing at #ProjectCompassion from 7.30 in Liberty House, Camberwell. We’re gonna get into it so come and vibe

    My bro @itsnickbrewer will be doing his thing too πŸ‘Œ see u there


  8. New tune just dropped! Link in the bio πŸ‘Š

  9. My upcoming EP, β€˜The Chicken and the Egg’, is a short story about the cycle of fatherlessness. It documents the development of a problematic relationship, exploring the decisions (and non-decisions) that lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Through the different perspectives offered by its three characters, the story sheds light on the nuances of premature parenthood, a subject rarely discussed beyond the remits of welfare and healthcare.

    The first song will be released tonight (29/07/14) at 8pm

  10. Put the reminder in your phone from now! Spread the word

    I promise you won’t be disappointed

    Ladies you’ll like it, lads you’ll hate me ✌️